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Digital Altitude Facts: Top 6 Products

Digital Altitude is one of the top leading business programs that was developed by Michael Force, a former marine and a reputable affiliate marketer. What is Digital Altitude? It is an online marketing firm that helps entrepreneurs to start and run a digital venture or business. In fact, it is regarded as an educational network that offers formulas on how to grow and operate a digital business. This course is ideal for people who want to take their business to the next level and achieve the best out of it. The course come with a wide range of lessons, including Base, Ascend, Peak, Rise, as well as Peak.

Apart from being an online training course, it is also direct selling company as well as multilevel marketing company. With its direct selling plan, you can make money by referring friends to online marketing program and earn up to $12,000 per sale at the maximum level of the marketing company.

These Are The Products Offered by Digital Altitude

digital altitude reviewAspire($37 to$67 in a month)-Digital Business Sales System
With this product, you receive business training video tutorials that are easy and simple to follow, live support and chat, personal experienced coaches who have vast knowledge in online marketing, merchant and payroll products, networking as well as back end products.

Base ($397)-Digital Business Mastery Course
This comprise of ways on how to set up a killer website, creating business goals and objectives, building a product or brand, and managing your finances. In fact, the base level or digital business mastery course deals with practical aspects when it comes to running a business. In other words, it teaches you things that are not taught in business institutions.

Rise($1497)-Digital Business Mastery Course
Rise is just the improvement of the base level. This level provides you with the information you need as an entrepreneur. It is worth noting that getting practical information for smooth running of any business can be a daunting process. However, digital altitude company make the entire process simple and easy.

Ascend ($6997)-Digital Business Profit Workshop
When you get the program at this stage, you are awarded a three day workshop in Las Vegas where you will learn more regarding online business. The workshop is facilitated by top leading business leaders across the world, including Michael Force himself and business leaders from the world of digital entrepreneurship.

Peak($11,997)-Business Prosper Retreat
Peak comes with a 5 day retreat for 2 where you will interact with business leaders learn more about online marketing.

Apex ($19,997) Digital Business Legacy Experience
Ideal for top-notch digital entrepreneurs. At this level, you are offered a 7 day retreat for two, and your facilitators will be asset managers and investment experts.

The course also features a number of bonuses, including Guru You, Inbound, and Traffic and Funnel. All these play a role in enhancing your digital business in terms of visibility and traffic.

Making Money With Digital Altitude

There are several ways in which you can make money with this program. The most obvious way to make money is by convincing other people to join the program or by optimizing your business practices. You can also make money by taking advantage of the compensation plan. For instance, at aspire level, you can make 40 percent commission, 1tier payout at the $37 level or 60% commission, three tier payout at $ 67 level. Note that you cannot earn commission above your level. That implies that if your business is at Rise level, you will earn commission when a referral purchases rise, aspire and base packages, but not apex package.

Michael Force’s company, which is a multilevel marketing platform is suitable for all people, especially those who want to make money through direct selling or planning to start an online business.